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Partial Ground Ernst Röhm Presentation S.A. Dagger With Rare Three Piece Marching Hanger

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Rather than giving a full biography of Ernst   Röhm , I have decided to write up the description of the dagger itself, as most likely anyone interested in the piece would be familiar with the Infamous character it was presented by. The blade of this Early Ground Rohm SA Dagger is maker marked for the rare to find firm of  Gebruder Heller, Schmalkalden .  The steel blade features the standard “Alles für Deutschland” motto on the obverse which retains a strong amount of darkening.  The reverse of the blade, bearing the Ernst Röhm etch, has been “Half Heartedly” period altered, as per the order from Adolf Hitler. The removal of the Röhm dedication is not a factory type modification, but rather most likely crudely executed by the original owner or an accomplice using some type of grinder or file. The first part of the etch has “somehow” remained somewhat intact. As well as a hint of who had made the dedication of the original etch. Apart from a few faint smudges, specks, and runner marks t he blade still exhibits a good amount of cross graining and with the exception of the removal of the dedication, is still quite bright.   Both upper and lower cross guards are the solid nickel variety, the lower one marked “Mi”. The pommel nut exhibits tool marks likely from its removal in order to deface the etch. Both grip insignia are present the eagle being beautifully detailed! The grip is a rich reddish brown with a few bruises and bumps and has definitely been there, but fits very nicely. Scabbard fittings are also the nickel variety and other than a couple of minor “door dings” and some wear to the finish the beautiful copper colored anodizing is still quite stunning! With the exception of a missing retaining screw on the bottom fitting and a dimple on the lower ball, this scabbard is in excellent condition, considering its very early production and wear.  I had thought about removing the three piece marching rig, but it would have bothered me from now on and I would not have wanted to separate them after all this time. I am happy to provide full sized images for better detail via email for those who are interested in this beautiful piece.