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Kraftfahrbewährungsabzeichen In Silber (Drivers Proficiency Badge In Silver) (Wehrmacht)

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This badge is constructed of a die stamped steel base that has been silver washed. The obverse depicts a steering wheel on a pebbled background surrounded by a laurel leaf wreath. The hollow back is equipped with two soldered on flat steel prongs for attachment to a fabric backing. This badge was awarded in three classes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze was awarded for motorbike reconnaissance and dispatch riders: 90 days; supply vehicles supporting the front line: 120 days; and other forms of military transport: 135 days. The silver badge was awarded where these requirements were met for a second time and the gold for a third time. The Badge measures approximately 1 ¾" tall by 1 5/8" wide. There is a nice even patination and much of the silver wash remains. An interesting badge and rare to find one with both pins intact!