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  • WWII German Officers Cap Wreath with Corcade For Visor Cap**Archives**

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    This very nice, uncleaned hat wreath with corcade, removed from a German WWII officer's visor cap, is in excellent condition! This cap insignia is complete with the original tri-color corcade and is made of stamped light weight metal. The piece retains 100% of its original frosted silver finish with bright highlights, and the detail of the die strike is exceptional! The oak leaves and acorns really stand out from the background. The national high vaulted corcade has a black alloy base with an aluminum roundel, surrounding a bright red center field made of felt, that remains in excellent condition. There is a thin film of dust and what appears to be nicotine on this piece, but it would clean up nicely should the new owner choose to do so.

    The reverse of this D.R.G.M. marked device has retained both of its metal pins that originally mounted the assembly to the cap, and confirm that this assembly was removed at some time from the headgear. A beautifully detailed example in wonderful condition!