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  • WWII GERMAN EASTERN FRONT MEDAL 1941/42 "Ostmedaille"**Archives**

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    The Ostmedaille or East Medal was created to recognize the hardships endured by the Germans and other Axis personnel during operations conducted on the Eastern Front during the Russian winter of 1941 and 1942.This decoration was instituted on May 26 1942 and was awarded to both combat and non-combat personnel who had served on the German Eastern Front from November 15th of 1941 to May 26th of 1942. Known to the Soldiers as 'The Frozen Meat Medal" it was a stern reminder of the bitter cold and miserable conditions that plagued the troops fighting in the snow and ice of Russia.


    This medal is a die struck piece made of zinc alloy and at some point had a silver wash on the outer rim and helmet, much of which has gone to time.The center section has a blued gun metal colored finish.The outer rim features a German helmet and stick grenade centered above a Wehrmacht style eagle gripping a swastika over a laurel leaf sprig. The reverse of the medal has a recessed rim with a smooth background embossed with "Winterschlacht Im Osten 1941/42", which translates to (Winter Battle in the East) above a crossed sword and laurel leaves.

    Both the medal's loop and ribbon ring are intact. There is a length of original ribbed ribbon that has been sewn with a black or dark-blue grey thread attached to the ring, apparently to prevent removal of the ribbon from the medal.

    This medal comes with an original paper packet with its contents listed on the front and the manufacturers name on the reverse. Although it shows extensive wear and some damage an attempt has been made by someone to tape the edges of the packet to prevent further tearing.

    A great looking original medal complete with issue packet and reasonably priced as well.