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  • WWII German Army Dagger With Orange Grip Made By ALCOSO **Archives**

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    This is a textbook example of an Alcoso Army dagger. The silver plating is still in excellent condition throughout with a little wear around the pommel and high areas. The oak leaves on the pommel have very nice hand enhancing and have a slightly pointed look to them. The cross guard has the typical wear to the eagles head and the breast feathering, but you can still see the eagles eye and beak. The silvering is very good with a nice patina and there is quite a bit of the original factory lacquer remaining in the recesses. The grip is a lovely yellow/orange color and is darker in the grooves of the grip segments. There are a few tiny chips in the smaller sharper segments which divide the grip as these thinner ribs are fairly fragile and easily damaged; however, it is not a big detraction from the overall piece.

    The scabbard is the standard Alcoso type having well defined pebbling and nicely detailed scabbard bands. The scabbard throat is retained by two flat-head screws. The silvering is excellent overall with a little chattering wear on the smooth sides. The blade bears the 1937 to 1939 style company logo with block style lettering above the scales. There is some age and graying where the runners touch the blade; and, if you run your fingernail along the edge of the blade there are some nail draggers where it appears someone tapped the blade on the edge of a table or something similar. These tiny nicks are not chips, which could likely be removed with a few gentle strokes of a fine emery board, but I will leave it as is. The piece still displays very well as it is. 

    The leather blade washer is in intact and in good condition. In a nutshell, this is an excellent piece for a new collector or as an addition to a nice tunic display. Reasonably priced!