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  • Excellent WWII Era German Police Officers Degen By Eickhorn ** Archives**

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    This officer's police degen is a very nice example. The "D" guard crossguard and the teardrop retain almost all of the nickel plating, but exhibit period wear. The pommel nut is the standard style with serrated detailing and the flat end cap.

    Grip is nice smooth ebony with only a little bit of handling wear. Heavy wire is tightly wrapped around the grip and covered on the reverse with the typical plated strip. An oak leaf and acorn lower grip ferrule has very nice hand enhancing. Consisting of tiny circles and fine lines, these hand engraved enhancements decorate this piece and add dimension and nice detail, especially on the acorn caps. The police eagle emblem is set in the grip and is the silver metal type. There is a little wear to the breast feathering and high areas, but is consistent with the rest of the degen. The lower portion of the "D" guard is stamped with the twin lightning bolt SS runes as is the scabbard throat.

    The scabbard shell is in nice condition with only a couple of door dings, and although the original paint is thinning in some areas, the finish is still in very good condition with a nice luster. The upper scabbard fitting is in the "Wotan's knot" style and the factory darkening in the pebbled recesses is intact. This mount is retained with two dome headed screws on the lower loop of the knot. The lower scabbard fitting is heavily nickel plated and has the typical line type decorations mounted also with two dome screws.

    The blade of this piece is in excellent condition with no chips or nicks and the point is still sharp. The finish is a brushed matte finish that is also in excellent condition. On the reverse ricasso is the Eickhorn 1935 -1941 trademark. The original blade washer is present and intact. A very nice example of an original unmolested police officer's degen that was period worn.