Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    This hard to find dagger has the desirable all aluminum grip fittings showing extensive hand enhancing on the pommel with lots of interesting handwork.The detail on the slightly upturned eagle cross-guard is still crisp and well defined.

    This piece has the leather over wood grip with tightly wrapped twisted wire which still hugs the recesses of the green leather handle.The leather blade washer appears to be a period replacement; however, it is slightly different from the type normally seen and easy enough to replace should you choose to do so. Although the leather has some bumps and bruises, it is still in good serviceable condition. A littleTLC with some high quality leather cream would do wonders should the new owner choose to restore this piece.

    The blade is in excellent condition with only minor wear and runner marks and wears the name of the Tiger firm. The blade is still bright and most of the cross graining is still present. The green pebbled scabbard leather matches the grip leather and the wear is consistent on both; and again, a little TLC would make a huge difference should the new owner pursue a restoration. The upper and lower scabbard fittings are also in excellent condition with typical wear and are retained by the factory headless flat headed screws.

    A very nice example of an extremely difficult dagger to find in any condition.