Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • WWII Cattaraugus Folding Machete With Rare Blade Guard **Archives**

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    This Lovely example was made by Cattaraugus, One of the 3 makers of the WWII model folding machete. All three are nearly identical to each other. These machetes all came with a sheet metal blade guard, that could easily be lost, and were only intended to be carried inside of the B2 kit for Downed Pilots. The blade is a high carbon steel and holds an especially sharp edge. I accidentally cut myself while removing the blade guard.so I have a new respect for the items I am so fond of. The grips have some minor scrapes and scratches but are intact and have a nice patina and the blade shows some darkening due to the High carbon content of the steel, This would clean up nicely should the new owner choose to restore this wonderful piece. I rarely run across U.S. Militaria anymore, Which I feel a little better about because it tells me that the next generation is giving our Vets the respect they have always deserved. A beautiful and very functional piece!