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WWI Bayern (Bavarian) Pickelhaube for Mannschaften(Foot Troops) **Archives**

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This iconic WWI Bavarian Mannschaften Pickelhaube bears the M1896 Wappen for Infantry troops. The fitting are Neusilber (Nickle Silver)including the hardware on the M1891 style chinstrap which features the two square style buckles. The left side Kokarde is the painted style featuring the Prussian Blue Mannshaften style Kokarde and is opposed by the black, white, and red painted national colors. The Officers' Kokarden had a separate metal overlay instead of the paint. Pickelhaube are quite fragile and often shrink and craze. This piece exhibits the typical crazing and shrinkage; however, retains most of its original form with a section of the front visor trim and attachment pin missing. These helmets were a prized war trophy, and who knows how many were destroyed by little boys playing soldier with their friends. The leather liner is mostly intact with only a couple of tears in the finger tabs. This helmet displays very nicely and would make a great addition to a collection without breaking the bank! I like it the way it is, but this would be a great candidate for a professional restoration should someone decide to have it done!