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  • Vietnam Era M-1950 Coleman Squad Stove With Original Box and Wrench Dated 1966 **Archives**

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    The product of a joint effort between the Coleman company and the United States Army the M-1950 was a rugged little gasoline fueled camp stove dubbed the"Squad Stove". The M-1950 served in the U.S. Army for 36 years and was designed to perform the task of quickly boiling water in the field. The M-1950 had an output of 5500 BTU. This example is in used, but excellent condition.

    Stamped with the Coleman logo and a manufacture date of 66 this stove has the original factory decals intact and legible; and, the fold out blades to support the item being heated function and lock smoothly. The valve control knob is complete and undamaged. Also included, is the original wrench and cardboard box which is marked with contents and date of manufacture.

    A great conditioned piece of Vietnam era field gear with just enough use to make it talk to you!