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  • U.S.WWII M-3 Fighting Knife By IMPERIAL With M-6 Scabbard **Archives**

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    Original US M-3 fighting knife made by Imperial in 1943 for use during WW2. The knife comes with a beautiful original US M-6 leather scabbard. The scabbard has normal wear but is completely intact and original.These 1943 marked scabbards are uncommon and often sought out by collectors. The blade has a leather handle, is ordnance stamped on the pommel, and has light surface wear. Some of the finish is worn off, and there are light signs of use,and some light signs of sharpening. Guaranteed original and authentic.   
    The M-3 was first issued to U.S. Army soldiers in March 1943, with the first knives going to elite units such as airborne troops and the U.S. Army Rangers Despite ordnance descriptions of the knife as being designed for hand-to-hand warfare, the M-3 did not receive universal praise as a close-quarters fighting knife upon issue to combat units. While the knife itself was generally well-made and balanced (some paratroopers and rangers mastered the art of using the M-3 as a throwing knife), the long narrow dagger-like steel blade, designed to economize on priority steel requirements, was best used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon, and performed less well when used for slashing strokes. Reports of blade failures of the M-3 in service increased as soldiers began to use their trench knives for ordinary utility tasks such as opening ammo crates and food ration tins, a role for which the M-3 had not been designed.Some soldiers also found the M-3's cutting edge to be difficult to maintain in the field.As issued, the blade's secondary or false edge was intentionally sharpened and beveled for only a portion of its length, leaving an unsharpened spine on the top of the blade in an effort to stiffen the relatively narrow blade. A really splendid conditioned piece in beautiful condition!