Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    This Vietnam era M1917 bayonet was made by the General Cutlery Company of Fremont, Ohio. A holdover from the first world war after the M1917 rifle was discontinued after WWII. This bayonet remained in service as the standard bayonet for Military shotguns. During active involvement in the Vietnam War, contracts were given to two companies, General Cutlery of Fremont Ohio and Canadian Arsenals Limited in Long Branch, Canada.

    Although not of the quality of WWI bayonets, the crossguards were attached with pins and the grips fitted with checkered black plastic grips as opposed to the walnut grips that were used on earlier  bayonets. This guard is marked "GEN CUT" for General Cutlery along with a "Defense Acceptance Stamp" and has a composite scabbard similar to the ones used late in the Second World War. 

    The condition is excellent with only minor wear and some slight surface rust in a couple of spots.The blade is still quite sharp and the parkerized finish is still excellent with only the slightest of in and out wear. This is quite a long blade which would have been  quite imposing on a weapon, especially being made for nothing but business, It had to be even more intimidating when seen at the end of a 12 gauge shotgun!! Definitely not something one would like to meet up close and personal!