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  • U.S.MODEL 1916 45 CALIBER 1911 PISTOL HOLSTER **Archives**

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    Made by BOYT and dated 44 this nice original late war M1916 holster was made to carry the 1911 government issue .45 ACP caliber pistol. The flap is deeply embossed with the letters U.S. and the reverse has the manufacturers name and 44 date code.

    This holster has both the web belt clip and regular belt slots and shows honest period wear. The leather lanyard is attached to the lower grommet of the holster with period wire and has been braided by the soldier who carried this piece. The brass rivets have a bit of verdigris built up around them, but could easily be cleaned using a wooden toothpick should the new owner choose to do so.

    Great looking holster in good, used condition.