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  • U.S. Original WWII Airborne Glider Infantry Overseas Garrison Cap ** Archives**

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    This very nice enlisted infantryman’s piped garrison cap was worn by a soldier from the WWII Airborne Infantry as indicated by the light blue piping and paraglider patch. The officer’s version of this patch was traditionally worn on the opposite (right side) with the Glider facing forward. The Glider in this case is commonly called the “Fat Belly Version” having the visible landing skids, just one of several variations of the Glider/Para cap insignia.

    This type of garrison cap was worn during WWII and into the Korean war period. I learned recently that great pride was taken by the troops when sewing these patches on the caps. At first I was somewhat skeptical about the patch stitching as I has not seen this type on any caps I have had before. I later learned that the stitching was an elaborate hand stich called a “Blanket Stitch” (as often seen on raw edged blankets, to help inhibit fraying) where each stitch is looped through the preceding one. A friend told me an interesting story regarding Paratroopers being well known for getting into fights in bars and pubs and there are reports of these airborne troops having sewn a Liberty Half Dollar between the patch and cap to provide a little more “emphasis” when “caressing” the offending opponent’s face with their cap!!

    The cap itself shows definite wear with a few small moth nips and handling evidence around the edges and piping. The interior, which is a bright yellow satin like material, is in super condition!

    The leather sweat band is complete and in excellent condition as well and has a small white tag which is now illegible. There are also black ink stamped numerals on one side that are a bit difficult to make out.

    If you are looking for an Airborne Garrison cap that has actually been there, THIS would be the one! As we all have said many times before, “If only it could talk”... it would be one heck of a conversation!