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Unusual Imperial NCO Mounted Six Place Ribbon Bar ** Archives **

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An interesting piece recently acquired, this is an unusual set featuring six ribbons, several from the kingdom of Saxony. The chrome plated bar includes: the EKII Iron Cross, the Saxon War Merit Cross, a Saxon Friedrich August Medal in silver, a Saxon Friedrich August Medal in bronze, the Honor Cross for Front Fighters, and the Austrian Military Merit Medal (Signum Laudis) on war ribbon (silver or bronze). All ribbons are original to the bar and overall quite clean considering their age. The pin and clasp are intact and fully functional and other than a little rust and staining it is a really beautiful set. I can see now I will be asking Santa for a new reference book for Imperial medals so I won't have to rely on fellow forum members to help me ID these beautiful pieces! "Thank you for your help Gentlemen!" Ribbon bars provide l ots of interesting  colored variations and in most cases are easy on the collecting budgets.