Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Unusual Great War Blackened German M1909 ammo pouch with field modifications


    This is an interesting German M1909 ammo pouch that has definitely been in the thick of things! This original pouch started out as a tan large grain leather item which was later blackened per regulation. Initially, most German infantrymans' leather accoutrements were of natural tan leather. However, from September 1915, regulations stated that leather equipment was to be blackened, though this practice had in fact been carried out by soldiers on a local level since the onset of trench warfare. This piece looks to have been done in a hasty, half-hearted way as the reverse side shows little blackening other than the straps, 

    The reverse straps themselves (excluding the center strap which held the D-ring and is now missing), was removed deliberately or has "Gone to Time". The two remaining belt straps are mounted with an unusual field modification using whatever was at hand and appear to be brass tabs (???). The obverse straps are all intact and although somewhat stiff, are still functional and the retaining pins are the usual seen domed center and triangular outer type. The inside pouch straps are no longer present, but the inside of the pouches have some fantastic stamps and markings    and would make a really interesting research project! I have read somewhere that soldiers would sometimes use the straps of their bread bags to carry extra ammunition pouches. I wonder if that would explain the strange angle on the straps? Just a random thought.

    Finally, with the help of a friend (Thanks, Kohima!), I think we were able to determine the name of the firm that manufactured this pouch! "WerkGenosDenschau u.Sohne,Berlin,1917". I know it's not a "Minty set", but if you are looking for an example to put with your camouflage m16 stahlhelm helmet, this would be "The One!" However, I cannot be held responsible for claims that you hear them "whispering" at night...Full Sized files available upon request.