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  • Uncleaned Red Cross Enlisted Ranks Hewer With Frog **Archives**

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    This Red Cross Hewer is in nice uncleaned condition. The nickel plating is good throughout this hilt with only minor wear. The pommel is nice showing just a little bit of usage, but not much, with some of the frosting a little brighter from being handled over the years.

    The Art Deco styled crossguard features the oval shield shaped disk with the Red Cross eagle and a swastika on its breast. The eagle clutches a Geneva Cross, the Red Cross emblem, in its talons.

    The grip plates are in very nice condition featuring the checkered style on the obverse and smooth on the reverse. Although it is hard to see much of the blades condition due to the old oil and cosmoline, I believe it would clean up nicely. The serrated back edge is still quite sharp and could still be used as a saw so careful while handling! One side of the ricasso is marked with the German phrase "Ges. Gesch". The original leather blade washer is still in place and in nice condition.

    Most of the scabbard's original black paint is present and in good condition showing lots of small pecks and ticks like it was sent home with some other items and chattered a bit along the way. I think a lot of these would rub out with a little rubbing compound should the new owner so desire. The lower scabbard fitting is in nice condition however, it is missing one of the small flathead screws which some of the major edged weapons dealers would have available for a replacement. The black leather is in very nice condition and is the type with the four aluminum rivets. 

    Over all an extremely nice conditioned example for the collector of uncleaned pieces or a nice project for someone who would like to restore the piece to it's period glory. A very reasonably priced piece that would restore beautifully!