Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    Every once in awhile we get lucky and run across a very rare item during our hunts for the items we have a passion for. Years ago a friend and I ran across a trunk full of goodies. We decided to buy it as a lot and went in half on the grouping. One of my pieces was this beautiful SA Lagermutze. My first instinct was that it was a crushed SA "Coffee Can "that had been damaged in the transit of the items during the return to the U.S. Thanks to the help of many esteemed collectors,

    I later found out that it was a very rare variation of a headgear known as The SA -Fuhrer Lagermutze. The Lagermutze is attributed to an SA camp or Reich level SA school school and according to manufacturing guidelines Did not have a framework, as to be easy to fold up for carrying in with gear .Manufacture indicates an approximate date of 1937 standards Having the flaps sewn directly to the body of the cap.

    This cap has a deep green colored felt crown and grommets which have been attributed to Gruppe Saxon or Nordsee. My best description is "American pool table Green" 
    The cap itself shows much wear with the liner band having salt stains more prominent on the leather sweatband and bill of the cap. Under the rear of the sweatband is the RZM Tag which says RZM Feldmutze Nacht Vonschrif Hersteller 4 Nr 352311. The emblem on the front of the cap is a beautiful SA Adler done in a brilliant silver colored thread which is still bright and very attractive. The pebbled button on the front of the cap is a very defined stippled button which has toned to a nice patinated pewter color and the brown leather chinstrap and buckles are in beautiful condition with only slight crazing at the folding points. This piece has definitely be folded flat and been in a backpack or pocket! There is a stamping in the center of the crown which i assume is a size marking but I cannot make it out due to the sweat staining.

    A very simple item which almost seems like the equivalent of an everyday baseball cap, however wears the responsibility of leading the political wing of future leaders of the Third Reich. I love it but it is time to let it go so someone else can enjoy it!