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  • Third Reich Type II S.A. Sports Badge In Bronze**Archives**

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    The SA Sports Badge was a German decoration that was issued between the years 1933 and 1945. At its center was a 57 mm high Roman broad sword, superimposed over a the swastika. It was encircled by an wreath of oak leaves and is a pin-back badge.The SA Sports Badge was instituted on 28 November 1933 by then SA chief Ernst Rohm. On February 15 1935, Hitler decreed that the badge be officially recognized. It was thereafter issued in three grades (bronze, silver, and gold). This badge is the Type II in bronze.

    This example is numbered 629687 and has definitely been worn as there are remnants of the thread loops caught in the hinge of the wider style pin. The manufacturers name E.SCHNEIDER LUDENSCHEID is in raised letters on the reverse. Overall the finish is very nice with a little wear and thinning on the high points, but I think this adds to the appeal. You can really see it "was there".

     A Great looking badge with lots of "talk to you!"