Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    This beautifully etched dress bayonet rates at near mint condition.The blade is the long style manufactured by the well known firm of WKC. The blade's plating is almost as beautiful as the day this piece was made, with absolutely no flaking or lifting.
    The only evidence of usage at all is a tiny bit of in and out wear caused by the scabbard and the etch is just stunning!  Almost as crisp as new. 

    The frosting is a beautiful misty white highlighting the traditional remembrance of time in service surrounded with oak leaves and the eagle clutching the wreath and swastika in its talons. The etch is all wonderfully precise in execution. Checkered Bakelite grip plates remain sharp and well defined and are retained by the dressed style rivets well fitted and tight. As far as the scabbard goes the paint is almost like new, with only minor handling wear, and remains very bright. There is one very slight impression on the obverse of the scabbard, but it is so minor it's hardly visible.

    The frog on this piece exhibits some crazing and evidence of being stored in a hot environment as there is some cracking and impressions in the finish of the leather. There are two small holes in the frog where someone has tapped a nail through the frog to hang the piece on a wall. It would be an easy fix to add a nicer frog to this piece; and, I have priced it accordingly as I try not to break apart sets.

    A really super etched bayonet in wonderful condition!