Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    This Third Reich era Fireman's dress axe is the type with the "Step Up "pick side of the axe head, not commonly seen. The plating is in excellent condition with no lifting or peeling; and, the blade side of the axe is still sharp with no chips or dings. Other than minor surface scratches and handling wear the appearance is almost new.

    The head of the axe is attached to a black lacquered hardwood shaft which retains approximately 95 percent of its original glossy finish with only minor surface nicks and some slight bruising, but nothing to really detract from the piece.
    This axe head is retained with two escutcheons mounted to the handle with plated flat head screws. On the top of the axe head are two chrome plated decorative wedges that secure it to the top of the shaft. The escutcheons are fitted with two rings made to attach to the carrying hanger which was worn suspended from a belt. As is the plating on the rest of the piece, the condition of the carrying rings is excellent.

    The lower fitting matches the rest of the hardware and is decorated with five concentric grooves which run the circumference of the fitting. This fitting is retained by a single domed flat head screw, and like the other fittings everything is snug and tight fitting with no wobble or chatter with the exception of the carrying rings which are made to remain movable.

    Fire service items are not often encountered and make an interesting edition to an edged weapon collection. If you are looking for a nice example in excellent condition, this would be the one!