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  • Third Reich DRL Sports Badge In Bronze**Archives**

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    In 1933 regulation of national physical training was handed over to the DRL, Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (German National Union for Physical Training) and the sports badge was altered by replacing the "A" with an "L". In 1937 the badge was again modified with the addition of a mobile swastika. The badges were intended to provide an incentive for physical training, and was issued to both males and females between eighteen and thirty-two years old who qualified for the required level of physical training within a twelve month period. This fine example is the bronze version Manufactured by" Wernstein Jena". The badge is also marked "D.R.G.M." indicating Deutsche Reichs  Gebrauchsmuster, (German National Registered Design) followed by the number "35269".Overall,the finish is very good with a little wear on the high points. Fortunately no one has "Broken out the Brasso" on this one. The hinged pin and clasp are both present and although the pin is slightly bent from repeated clasping and unclasping, it adds character and the piece displays quite nicely .A Really beautiful deep fiery golden finish on this one!