Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    No Long winded description here! 100% Authentic tunic and accessories as found. Unfortunately the companion Visor cap was parted from the set by one of the partners in the purchase who just couldn't pass on the cash. A fantastic tunic none the same.

    I gave it my best shot but the cash was more needed than the trade..so I am not a contender for this one as I have two swords coming back from polish shortly! $$$$ I will email full size files of both the exterior and interior of the tunic including images of the insignia, reverse of the buttons and details upon request. This piece has been discussed on the WAF forum and has an Unconditional three day return policy less shipping. The only stipulation by my client is that it only be shipped in the continental U.S Please understand my friends around the globe ! A Fantastic example for a very lucky individual Not many chances to own a Gem like this one !! If only it could "Talk"!!