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  • Stunning Red Cross Officer's Dress Dagger ** Archives **

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    This stunning Red Cross Officers dagger is a beautiful piece. The grip has the look of a Popsicle with hues of lemon and orange (I almost wanted to taste it it looks so good!)  This beautiful grip has no chips or cracks and there is some handling dirt in the segments which I will leave for the new owner to clean if he wishes. The pommel and cross-guard are still frosty silver with some slight pimpling, but no flaking or damage. The retaining screw on the pommel looks like it hasn't been turned since it left the factory! Both cross-guard  medallions, front and back are beautifully detailed and crisp. A black leather blade washer is intact and in excellent condition.

    This blade is gorgeous with a near 100% of the cross-graining intact. I suspect this piece was liberated due to the very light handling wear. There are only a few tiny specks on the blade that you cant really call freckles, but would easily clean up should one decide to do so. The scabbard is also in splendid condition with no dents or flaking and full beautifully plated finish. One of the small dome headed screws for the scabbard throat has gone to time, however, I have included a correct period screw I obtained from a reputable author and dealer. I am not confident in my abilities to attempt to install it and don't wish to bugger the threads, or damage the scabbard, but it is there for the new owner should they decide to tackle the task.

    Unfortunately, I do not have bottomless pockets, nor can I have one of everything, so I am concentrating on other areas of my collection. BUT, if I were to have an example, this one would be it!