Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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     This set is from my personal collection and as my collecting interests have moved in a different direction, I have decided to part with this beautiful set in order to fund new items. I hope it finds a new home with someone who will enjoy it as much as I have! Items such as these rarely hit the market. Not only are these items scarce, unfortunately they are often not protected from the ravages of time. This set is in fantastic condition considering it is over 100 years old and obviously well worn by the original owner in the field. 

    The tunic itself, which is a very high quality green wool, has only a few moth nips and displays very well on a mannequin. I have tried to point out several period field repairs with the photographs. The majority of which are done on the interior of the tunic, a button on one of the epaulets has been replaced and the interior of the tunic a button on one of the epaulets has been replaced and appears to be a period replacement as well. There is some minor fraying and wear on the bullion on the collar and some broken stitching on some of the piping on this tunic, but a good tailor could make invisible repairs if the new owner chooses to do so. In my opinion, this is not necessary because of the random areas that are affected. Just a few stitches here and there.
    The boots are still supple and the soles show signs of having been replaced at some time. Again, I believe a period job. When placed side by side, the boots appear to be "pigeon toed". I understand this is typical with all well worn riding boots and is caused by standing and pressure on the stirrups.

    The riding breeches are a summer white linen with reinforced thighs and multiple buttons on the calves. I can't imagine how itchy these would have been in the summertime! I have done my best to illustrate the overall condition of this beautiful grouping. However, I would be happy to provide additional photos if requested, as time permits.