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  • Spanish Model 1935 Tankers Helmet **Archives**

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    The Italian created Model 1935 tanker helmet, was produced in large numbers and used as a pattern for the Spanish version throughout the Second World War. This helmet is made of black padded leather, felt, and cardboard; and, features a black leather skirt that covered the back of the wearer’s head and neck. An extra round rim of padded leather and felt circles the helmet to add extra cushioned protection.
    Although unattractive and uncomfortable to wear, these helmets worked quite effectively. These leather helmets were issued in large numbers to Franco’s forces in Spain. This example appears to be unissued and is in fantastic condition. Other than a few handling scuffs and dings the helmet is in near mint condition. On the front of the helmet is a brass badge depicting the Nationalist Spanish crowned eagle, with a red painted cross.
    Although it is not the most elegant piece of headgear, it is a very interesting piece of armor history. One for the fans of "Heavy Metal"!