Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Small Multi Piece NSDAP Banner


    This nice smaller sized NSDAP banner is of a multi piece construction and measures 15"(w) x 10 ½” (h). It appears to have been made for patriotic reasons, such as parades or decoration, as it is more utilitarian than high quality as it would have been used for an office or government agency.

    The main body is made of red cotton with the white center having a screened black swastika roughly sewn onto each side of the flag. The emphasis for this type of piece was definitely quantity rather than quality! They were obviously made as quickly as possible. The sewing work really makes this an interesting piece!

     There a couple of small holes where at one time the piece was tacked to a wall perhaps, but other than some minor soiling and handling wear it would look great in a case behind a dagger or framed for the wall. Small in proportion, but big in "Talk to you!"