Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    This beautiful armband was worn by SA officials, time keepers, track officials, and umpires at the official sports events for members of the SA and various other NSDAP events and competitions for the SA Sports Badge. Made in two piece construction of a red rayon band with bronze colored SA sports badge machine embroidered on a white satin rayon disc. This armband appears unissued and in almost perfect condition. 
    I have included a couple of photos under black light illumination to illustrate no reaction from the armband and the original paper RZM tag. The tag itself is rubber stamped in blue ink with the number 275 and lot numbered 185247. The beautifully embroidered wreath of oak leaves with a sword overlaying the swastika is quite stunning and really stands out against the white background.
    A very elegant and powerful design that would look great in an SA dagger display! It would be tough to find a nicer example.