Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Beautiful Prussian Foot Artillery Lieutenant's Slip On Shoulder Boards **Archives**

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    A pleasant surprise I found buried in the bottom of a box of goodies I recently picked up at a yard sale. This stunning set of the more difficult to find slip-on style officer's shoulder boards is in beautiful condition! Other than a few minor moth nips to the lovely lemon colored felt, the boards show only minor wear (they were definitely worn). Overall, a wonderfully conditioned set.

    The fine quality silver colored thread is still bright and interspersed with fine dark chevrons.The Artillery shell insignia still retains about 90% of its original gilding. The Numeric ciphers,157, have turned a mostly dull grey color with only traces of the original gilding. Likely because of the composition of the metal used for the numbers; however, they provide a nice contrast to the brilliance of the Artillery shells.

    This would definitely be a difficult set to upgrade. Unfortunately, I have realized I cannot have one of everything!