Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Preußen Mannschaften Triple Etched Private Purchase M89 Cavalry Degen With Folding Guard


    This beautiful triple-etched M89 Degen has an absolutely gorgeous triple-etched blade! The kids never got to play with this one! The point is still needle sharp and has no evidence of the "Swashbuckling" adventures normally seen on these bring backs. All etches are clear and sharp and feature beautifully detailed mounted Calvary charges, scrollwork, and the traditional motto "In memory of my service time". The original felt washer is intact and in place; and, the spine of the blade features an elegant floral leaf design.

    The original owner got the "Full Tilt" version of this souvenir... including the folding hand guard! This blade is not maker marked, but is obviously made by one of the higher quality firms! The hand guard is beautifully detailed with the Wurttemberg Wappen or "Crest" and should the new owner choose to do so, it would clean up stunningly! The grip is in excellent condition, complete with wire wrap. There are a few specks of black paint on the handguard that seem to indicate the scabbard may have been repainted per the 1910 regulations.

    The scabbard has the single carrying ring indicative that is was modified sometime from 1906 on. The original owner most likely was a veteran of the Great War and many veterans also served in a service capacity such as  the Reserves, Landwehr, Wehrmacht, as well as recalled previously retired soldiers for duty during WWII. The painted scabbard shows the usual door dings and a few scuffs and scrapes, but over all a great looking piece. Although the scabbard throat is missing one of the small dome headed screws (which would not be hard to find from one of the "Big Boys")

    It's getting quite hard to find blades in this condition anymore and It is a STUNNER!!