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  • Post WWII Dutch mkII Helmet Produced By Verblifa **Archives **

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    This post WWII mkII Verblifa helmet was made from the end of 1955 through mid 1956. Th mkII helmets produced by the firm Verblifa are stamped with markings on the outer rim. The helmets produced in 1955 will have number codes 55 in the stamping and helmets made in 1956 will have number codes 56 in the stamping. All helmet stamps will have the abbreviation VB for Verblifa and a production batch code of three letters. These helmets had a Dutch made liner which was a copy of the mkII WWII liner. Dutch production liners have a brown frame with the metric size stamped on the frame itself. The chin strap and chin strap lugs are the same as those used on the Troepenhelm m53 helmet.

    This helmet is in excellent condition with a few small patches of rust and some expected scrapes and scuffs. The paint is a grey-green tint and a very durable finish.  The original liner is intact and supple, complete with the original drawstring. Mounts for the chinstrap are still in place however, the strap is gone to time. This helmet is marked VB561SLN and indicates 1956 manufacture.

    A nice conditioned variation on the Brodie helmet for the military helmet enthusiast.