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  • Ortsgruppenleiter Armband for Political Leader **Archives**

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     Nice conditioned armband for an Ortsgruppenleiter (Local Group Leader) in a rich red felt. This is the type with the gilt piping around the black legs and the white center. In the middle there is a single gilded pip and both sides of the swastika have the double piped center band of oak leaves. The oak leaves show wear and some oxidation/fading, but still look regal against the rich red background.
    The top and bottom edges of the armband are trimmed with a frosty blue colored Orts piping. The position of Ortsgruppenleiter, which later in the war evolved into the leader of a large town or city or of a city district, was a position that required a large amount of responsibility and power.  As it were, these officials typically ran the city civil defense systems as well as the allocated war rations and civil relief efforts.
    As Germany was invaded and defeat was just a matter of time, leaders in major towns and cities also became, by default, military commanders in charge of mixed-unit German forces and Volkssturm units. There is some soiling and a few moth nips, but the additional bonus of the original RZM tag remnants being present makes it that much sweeter. If you have a loupe or magnifying glass, at the center of the pip between the verdigris, you will see a tiny Adler perched atop a swastika.
    Not “Mint" by any means, but definitely has been there