Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Painted NSDAP Party Member Badge RZM M1/103 (Carl Poellath,Schrobenhausen).**Archives**

    $60.00 $60.00
    National Socialist Party Badge These badges were available for private purchase or given to individuals of the (HJ/BDM) when they joined the NSDAP. It is constructed of a die-struck zinc base that has been silver washed and contains red, white, and black enameled paint. The round shaped obverse depicts a black mobile swastika on a white backing, encircled by: “NATIONAL-SOZIALISTISCHE - D.A.P.” on a red pebbled backing.The reverse has a soldered circular plate that mounts a complete unbroken attachment pin assembly.The back is maker marked “RZM M1/103” (Carl Poellath,Schrobenhausen).

    This badge measures just under an 1 inch in diameter.The obverse displays very little paint loss, a feature that is quite difficult to find these days due to the unstable composition of this type of metal and handling over the years. 

    Not quite as beautiful as the cloisonne finished badges, but I'm sure it was worn just as proudly!