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Outstanding "Tagged And Bagged" S.A. Dagger **Archives**

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Although not often encountered, they still come out of the woodwork on occasion. This unissued SA dagger comes complete with its original leather hanger and paper sack. Although the bag shows wear and tear from years of handling and has several veteran applied repairs with cellophane tape, it came with the dagger and is an accessory that is rarely found in any condition. 

The dagger itself is in fantastic condition! The hardwood grip has a tight even grain with no cracks or chips, just a few chatter marks from being moved around without any protection.The grip eagle, although having surface wear to the silvering and some verdigris, is crisply fitted into the grip. The cross-guards are the later plated pot metal fittings. On the reverse of the lower fitting is some lifting. I suspect it is from moisture being absorbed into the bag while the dagger was stored. This would account for the verdigris on the grip eagle where the bag would have been touching. The front of the same guard has some light freckling. Attached to the grip is the original factory tag with the M7/13 Arthur Schuttlehofer RZM number complete with the original factory rivet. 

The blade on this piece is in near mint condition with only light runner marks and a few spots of speckling around the cross-guard that would most likely clean up nicely, should the new owner decide to do so. The blade retains 99% of its original cross graining and the etch retains all of its darkening. The scabbard is the color of a chocolate Kiss with beautiful factory paint. The bright plated fittings really stand out; and, the original hanger with RZM M5/71 olc marked snap clip is the cherry on top! 

This is a drop dead gorgeous piece that would be a highlight in any collection! Many more full sized files available as photos are limited with the web host.