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  • Miniature National Hunting Association Cutlass With Scabbard **Archives**

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     This Hunting Association miniature is a very nice example at approximately 9 1/4" in length. This piece has a brown painted one-piece metal hilt made to resemble deer antler. The rest of the fittings are bright nickel plate including the cross guard, ferrule clam shell, and end cap which is retained with a plated screw. The center of the grip displays the symbol of the National Hunting Association, a stag's skull with a swastika emitting rays of light surrounding it, and the initials of the organization "DJ". There are some areas on the grip where the paint has worn and the metal below is visible, but the paint still rates approximately 90%.

    The blade is a double-etched piece with a little graying and some light rust under the clam shell that would probably clean up with a cloth and some oil. The blade etches are well detailed with typical hunting scenes, much of the original darkening remaining, and the original green felt blade buffer intact and in place. This piece has an all metal scabbard that has the pebbled areas painted green to resemble the leather covering on the full sized originals. The paint is becoming thin in some areas, but still displays well.

    All scabbard fittings are in excellent condition, including the acorn shaped lug. This is a very unique item you will not run across often and would look great on a desk as a letter opener or displayed with a full sized example.