Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter (Cross of Honor of the German Mother).1st Class in Gold

    Established in 1938, Adolf Hitler instituted the Mother’s Cross award to recognize the importance of the German woman's role in supporting a strong German Reich nation. This award was to be presented each year on the second Sunday in May (Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day). 
    The Mother’s Cross was awarded in three classes consisting of:
    1st Class Order Gold Cross: for eligible mothers with eight or more children
    2nd Class Order Silver Cross: for eligible mothers with six to seven children
    3rd Class Order Bronze Cross: for eligible mothers with four to five children
    This decoration is a longer form of the Iron Cross. It features a beautiful translucent blue enamel with a slim opaque white border. The center consists of a radiant starburst design on which rests a metal roundel decorated with the words “DER DEUTSCHEN MUTTER” (“THE GERMAN MOTHER”) surrounding a black enameled swastika in a white enamel field. On the reverse is the inscription “16 Dezember” and a facsimile signature of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.
    A splendid example in wonderful condition with gorgeous color and enamel work!