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  • M-17 37MM ANTI AIRCRAFT ROUND (INERT) **Archives**

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    This interesting piece of WWII ordinance is inert and mounted with a "Dummy" fuse. Although there was a 37mm anti-tank round in the same caliber, the M17 was intended for the anti-aircraft version of the weapon. At some time I believe this piece was fitted with the hardware to make a lamp as I found what appears to be the remnants of the mounting hardware inside the casing I have not attempted to remove the projectile (although it is somewhat loose fitting) as I do not wish to damage the piece. The bottom of the casing is well marked with the date 1942 and the lot number and caliber. Also, there is a small hole drilled just above the rim of the casing.

    A nice example for display with ordinance or to reconfigure as a lamp for the "War Room".