Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods


    Splendidly mounted & massive, this is an excellent hirazukuri tanto with well carved bohi & sohi. The recent polish reveals much activity and skill as well as flawless construction of this rather sizable (11 ½" long x 1 1/4" wide at machi x 5/16" thick!) blade with a long (2 7/16") turnback to the hamon at the boshi. Having a slight (1/8") saki sori gives the powerful shape just the right pleasing balance to the shape. Although the (3 3/4") mumei nakago is kiri (cut), there is no evidence that the blade has ever been shortened, therefore ubu it is. The koshirae is soroimono (matching) with a dynamic texture to the suaka kodogu. The tsuka is a colorful contrast with very fine menuki of kabuto & riding crop fastened with katate-maki. The koshirae has a strikingly bold handachi feel to it. The saya, in black, has seen repair to the uragawara...those little perpendicular bolsters at the base of the pockets made for kozuka and kogai, therefore the mounting is pretty much complete... that is w/o the kozuka & kogai. There is only one seppa with this koshirae.