Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Classic Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Flag


    This flag is known as a Hinomaru. It is a white, rectangular banner with a bright red Rising Sun at its center. It measures approximately 28” long by 21.5” wide and is made of silk, that has yellowed somewhat with time.

    On two corners of the flag there are triangular reinforcement tabs made of what appears to be “pigskin” with an applied silver foil, some of which has gone to time. Fortunately, both of the original ties are still present as many have been lost or torn from being snatched down by G.I. souvenir hunters! On one of the corners is a plastic tag that looks like some type of museum inventory or perhaps auction house number. It will be up to the new owner to decide on whether or not to leave or remove it.

    There are several areas of mothing that I have tried to depict accurately, but those areas add quite a bit of character. In the Rising Sun area, there is a stain which looks like someone has dripped something causing a “watermark”, if you will. As you can see in the photos, the flag has been stored tightly folded giving it a nice quilted look to it.

    My personal opinion is that this flag would make an awesome feature framed in a plain black for the “War Room” or office! Craft stores usually have a special on framing and if you sign up for emails, there are coupons which make the framing very reasonable. Just be sure to tell them NOT to iron the flag; and, no, the spot on the Rising Sun is not blood. Silk versions have a beautiful sheen to them and this one just screams “FRAME ME!!!!”