Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods


     This vicious looking weapon was a source of fear and loathing by the allied troops during WWI. Resembling a butcher's knife and sporting rows of sharp jagged teeth on its spine it was the stuff of horrible propaganda tales circulated in the trenches to enhance the stories of German barbarity. This blade is in excellent condition with only tiny traces of light sharpening.

     Made by "Deutsche Maschinenfabrik A-G Duisburg" the steel is still bright and the sawback teeth are still very sharp! Watch your knuckles! The blade's spine is stamped with the Kaiser's crown and "W" cypher over the number 16, indicating the year of manufacture - 1916.The original leather washer has gone to time, but the leather scabbard is in wonderful condition with both steel fittings retaining their original staples and no tears or breaks.

    As a note of interest the upper scabbard fitting is marked F.A. VIII.1. and the scabbard throat is double stamped with a crown over a cursive F indicating Saxony manufacture. Both wooden grip plates are intact and in excellent condition and the press stud works perfectly.Overall a splendid example of an iconic piece of Imperial German weaponry.