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  • Imperial Fire Official Saw Tooth Dagger **Archives**

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    Made by WK&C, this Knights Head marked dagger has nickel plated hilt fittings and features a fluted hunting style pommel and plain straight cross guard with light surface wear and heavy patina. The plain black/brown wood grip shows very light wear and has slightly flattened sides with excellent finish and no chips or damage. The wood is a very dense hardwood and about as nice as you can find.

    The blade itself has some areas of rust spotting and some pitting in the tip area, probably due to moisture being retained in the leather scabbard. The blade is factory engraved and the motif can be seen beneath the old grease and oxidation on the blade. Some time spent with bronze wool would make a huge improvement on this blade, however quite risky as the double row of saw tooth edges on the blade are wickedly sharp! 

    The scabbard is made of smooth black leather showing light wear and minor scuffing, but it remains supple. The nickel fittings are complete with their original staples and the upper fitting has an ornate lug featuring a hand enhanced acorn. The reverse stitching of the scabbard shell is tight and intact and the remains of the original red felt blade buffer are adhered to the scabbard throat.

    This piece has a few condition issues, however, due to its rarity, it is an opportunity to have an example at a very reasonable price. The grip itself purchased as a replacement for a damaged piece would make it quite a bargain.