Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Imperial Artillery Officers Miniature Sword/Letter Opener with Very Rare Intact Portapee

    This wonderfully detailed miniature Imperial Artillery officer's saber is delightfully accurate in its scale and detail. This tiny sabre features a ferocious looking gilded lion's head and mane grasping the guard in its jaws. There are remains of black paint on the grip which display some handling wear that really makes the gilding pop! On the front languet there are two beautifully detailed crossed cannons within an oval embellished at the top with a floral motif. The reverse languet features a shield suitable for engraving a monogram if at the time of purchase one so desired. Another lucky feature is the original bright red felt buffer as on a full sized example. Total length of the piece including the scabbard is 10 inches from the top of the lion's head to the tip of the scabbards drag.

    The scabbard itself is beautifully detailed with matching nickel suspension rings. There are a few tiny nicks and scratches however, in my opinion, they look like the "door dings" we see on the full sized versions! The blade itself is also nickel plated steel with a fullered blade that measures 7 inches with a needle-like point. There are a few pepper spots which would clean up nicely if the new owner chooses to do so. The real "piece de resistance" is the perfectly proportioned tiny portepee made of fabric and wire with the knot end being a tiny bronze tinted knot. How it escaped being broken we'll never know but it definitely puts the "cherry on top"!

    A classic imperial period item that wood look great on the desk in the "War Room"!