Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • High Quality Unmarked White Gripped Army Dagger With Portapee

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    This early Army dagger, although unmarked, is an interesting example with extremely nice high quality fittings. In hand, it has a very solid feel and the fittings have some nice hand enhancing. This blade is highly polished and unmarked displaying very nice geometry. The tip of the blade is almost needle sharp with a few specks of peppering and this bright blade has nearly all of its original cross graining. The Cross guard exhibits some wear to the feathering on the eagles breast and wreath area around the swastika with much of the original factory lacquer remaining in the recesses. Original leather blade buffer is intact and in place. 

    The Scabbard is beautifully detailed and well finished with nice tight pebbling. The scabbard throat is retained with a single flat-head screw. Someone spent some time hand finishing the scabbard throat and did a beautiful job. The scabbard bands have nice hand enhancing and retain most of the original silvering. 

    The grip is solid white Trolon which has toned to various shades of ivory and cream colors...very pleasing to look at. Under a loupe you can see a very fine crazing on the raised sections of the grip segments that has trapped dirt over time and gives a light grey tint to the raised parts of the larger segments. 

    Finally, the piece is completed with an original to the piece bullion portapee. The knot is set in place and although there is a little wear on the piece, it really sets off the light colored grip. This is an elegant dagger and considering it is one of the more available styles, this is a magnificent example of craftsmanship and attention to detail.