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  • Gorgeous set of German WWII Army Dagger Hangers **Archives**.

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    This gorgeous set of German WWII army dagger hangers is probably one of the nicest sets of standard army hangers I have seen. The bullion is fantastic and the high pile velvet on the reverse of the straps is a beautiful bottle green color. If I weren't moving in a different collecting direction this set would definitely be in my personal collection!  Even though this set falls into the category of the "Standard" class of army hangers, the quality is absolutely stunning!  

    The upper snap fitting is the standard box clip type with silver wash and shows very little wear. The lower snap clips are the standard pebbled "push-in" type and retains quite a bit of the original silver finish, but do have some swing wear and graying. This set was definitely worn, but not much!  On the reverse of the buckles there is a makers mark, it resembles the letter A or something similar, and looks like perhaps overlapping swords? This is the first time I have ever seen this marking. 

    If you are looking for one set of standard hangers for a mint or near mint Army dagger this would be the one! I don't think you would fine a set this nice in a standard set that has actual wear!