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  • GERMAN WWII HENSOLDT (bmj) 1943-44 10x50 FIELD GLASSES **Archives**

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    Made by Hensoldt & Sohne Werke A-G Wetzlar in Germany this beautiful set of 10x50 binoculars is in the more desirable higher power and finished with the later war ordinance tan color in a rough textured spatter finish.The set also is equipped with the hard to find button attachment leather tab.

    Marked with the code "bmj" indicating the manufacturer, this set dates to the period 1943-44 and is serial numbered 590045. On the opposing side of the bridge are the initials D.F. short for Dopplfernrohr, German for binocular and the power is also marked with the numbers 10x50. A firm rubber eyepiece protector is attached by the original leather strap and both cover and leather are in very good condition. The strap, although still supple, is beginning to show its age, so I would not recommend suspending this set by the strap for fear of breaking it.

    Both diopter adjustments operate smoothly and there are no chips or dings on the eye cups.The optics are in excellent condition and very clear, but I have refrained from cleaning the glass because this would require someone who has experience in the proper techniques. I will leave that option for the new owner.

    Showing only a tiny bit of wear, the rough textured paint is in fantastic condition; and, apart from a few small chips on the high points, it is a very pronounced spatter texture with the coloration still rich and even. 

    A very nice set of German optic excellence in a highly desirable power and finish.