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Excellent Hand Enhanced PUMA No.3 Officers Dress Sword

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An excellent conditioned piece, this Heer pattern "Dovehead" sword is the Gilded Aluminum variant of the No.3 by the Solingen based company "Puma". The hand enhancing is exceptional and deeply engraved into the less often seen Aluminum base metal. The crossguard depicts an opened winged eagle beautifully enhanced and the "Dovehead" style pommel and backstrap is covered with a powerful relief of oakleaves and acorns, also beautifully hand-enhanced. The crossguard bears the straight winged eagle clutching the  mobile swaztika within a wreath There is some slight handling wear to the grip and guard, but the gilding remains largely intact. A black celluloid over wood grip is wrapped with twisted and straight silvered wire which is all present with only a tiny bit of looseness. There are a couple of tiny nicks beneath the "Dovehead" at the top of the grip which would be virtually invisible with a touch of black enamel paint or the point of a sharpie, however, I will leave that up to the next owner to decide. The scabbard retains most of its black paint with a bit of wear on the drag and at the throat of the scabbard The blade itself is approximately 30.5" and is equipped with an intact thick original leather blade buffer. The blade itself is a very clean matte finish and other than a couple of almost indiscernible nail draggers, is near mint, but a good cleaning would do wonders! I typically don't like to mess with things as some of my customers prefer their pieces "as is". A beautiful example of classic Puma workmanship!