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  • Early SMF DLV/NSFK Glider Pilot's Dagger with Hanger **Archives**

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    This beautiful early DLV/NSKK dagger, made by the famous SMF firm, is in excellent condition! The overall condition reflects the early quality and workmanship this firm is known for. The leather is in super condition having no rips or tears and has excellent pebbling. The early silvered fittings retain nearly all of their original lacquer and the enameled swastikas are in fantastic condition having no chips or damage. The blade is in excellent condition and retains almost all of its original cross graining. It has only a slight touch of graying which would come out if cleaned properly...I will leave that up to the next owner. The seated king etch is crisp and well done and the blue leather blade washer is intact. Although it shows wear, it is still all there. 

    The scabbard throat is stamped with the earlier NSKK winged man and a stick eagle acceptance mark. On the end of one quillion is the casters mark letter K and the underside of the opposite quillion is stamped with the number 160, this was most likely an accountability number. Scabbard fittings are retained by the original flat head screws and are in excellent shape with just a tiny ding to the lower fitting ball. This however, does not detract from the piece as it is very minor. The upper fitting carrying ring is solid and the leather hanger is supple and in fine condition, having no tears or separations. The nickel snap clip closes precisely. 

    This piece is just about as close to mint condition you will find, while still having honest period wear with all the desirable markings. Overall, it is in wonderful condition!