Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Early First Pattern Luftwaffe Officers Dagger By E.Pack & Sohne

    This dagger's aluminum pommel and crossguard have the inserted brass medallions with sunwheels. There is a small amount of silvering left between the legs of the sunwheels, but they look good as is. Despite wear on the medallions, the sunwheels stand out prominently. A GREAT looking piece!
    In the standard down swept "wing" design, the crossguard is in excellent condition. The blue leather blade washer is complete and also in excellent condition. The carved wooden grip is a nice example, having a covering of deep blue Moroccan leather. The leather is in good condition and is tightly bound with triple-wrapped brass wires, the center strand being twisted and of a thicker gauge. 
    This scabbard shell is in very good shape with the typical dings and scuffs, not being exceedingly deep or damaging. Also, it has good quality original Moroccan leather, which is in good condition. The scabbard mounts are the steel type with a silver finish. They are mostly patinated, but some of the original silver frosting is still present on the areas protected by the eyelets and scabbard throat. This scabbard is mounted with an aluminum chain, which has five upper and seven lower ringlets. They are attached to a snap clip marked “OLC” and “Ges Gesch”. 
    This plated blade shows typical runner marks and has some greying and freckling present on both sides. There are a couple of small "nail draggers"along the edges, so I have included a photo showing the worst one. It is not as bad as it looks; I just like to do my best in pointing these things out. The very tip of the blade has a tiny"ripple", very difficult to notice, where it appears someone decided to poke something with it. I have to admit it would be hard for a child to resist doing! However, it is barely noticeable. On the reverse of the blade is a beautifully detailed acid-etched logo of the 1938 Siegfried Waffen trademark of the Pack firm which completes the package.
    Over all, really GREAT looking piece from a difficult to find maker. I sure wish it could talk!