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  • Deutcher Volkssturm Wehrmacht Armband **Archives**

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    The German Volkssturm or "people's storm" was a national militia established by Nazi Germany during the last months of World War II. Its existence was officially announced on the 16th of October 1944.  


    This ground component of the combined German Wehrmacht armed forces was not organized by the German Army, but by the Nazi Party under the orders of Adolf Hitler; and, its existence was only officially announced on 16 October 1944 very late in the war. The Volkssturm was one of the last-ditch components of the total war part of the German’s endeavors to defeat their enemies’ military strength through force of sheer will.


    This piece is in good sound condition with no holes or tears. The printing is nice and clean with much detail, although there is some honest soiling which adds to the character of this nice armband. I have included a photo under black light to indicate that it does not fluoresce as is often the case with postwar reproduction Items. It is apparent that someone has sewn the ends together with a purplish thread, so the band could be removed depending on the wearers clothing.


    A really fine example in obviously used condition!