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  • Deluxe WWII German Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger Hangers **Archives**

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    This set of Luftwaffe hangers has the Deluxe style fittings decorated with oak leaf and acorns motif that is prominent in German themed items. The Metal components are coated with a very dark airplane-grey finish The upper fitting is marked D.R.G.M. and U.E.10 with the RZM emblem. The lower fittings are the pushup snap clips, also marked with D.R.G.M. Both clips function properly and have minor thinning to the finish on the reverse, as does the upper snap clip.

    The fabric straps have bullion stripes running lengthwise and the bullion is in very good condition. The fabric is a dark blue-grey color; and, unlike most Luftwaffe hangers the reverse is not the usual blue-grey velvet material, it is a herring bone-like pattern matching colored fabric.  Apart from a few loose threads the material is in excellent condition.

    A nice set of hangers with an appealing dark look to them!